Setting up a joint venture in china

In an EJV the division of profits has to take place equivalent to the ratio of the capital contributions made by the parties, while the profit division in a CJV can take place according to the parties' wishes.

Virtual Joint Venture in China: If the party fails to apply to the original examination and approval authority by the provisions of the first paragraph, it shall have the right to revoke the approval certificate of the joint venture. The original examination and approval authority shall have the right to revoke the approval certificate of the joint venture enterprise without paying the capital contribution under the notice period specified in the preceding paragraph.

Note that, obviously, this option makes sense only for certain types of businesses, such as consultants for example. In this case, at the time of sale you can simply cede the foreign controlling company without having to deal with the long procedure necessary to transfer the property of a company in China.

If the parties of the JV has a business license before the implementation of the present provisions have not stipulated their investment period in the joint venture contract and have not paid the capital contribution, the parties shall sign a supplementary agreement regarding the time limit of capital contribution within two months.

Foreign investors will, in addition, often open representative offices and branch offices. Depending on the business scope a Joint Venture, usually has a business term of 30 years. Starting a company in China: Any party of a joint venture shall not be made in the name of the joint venture loans, leasing equipment or other property and joint venture property of others as their contribution, or make any investment guaranteed by the other party of joint venture's property rights and property rights.

Every joint venture involves meetings, and meetings are the pressure relief valve. Note that a Joint-Venture usually implies a transfer of technology. The parties to the joint venture shall pay the capital contribution once in six months from the date of issuance of the business license.

In applying for the establishment of a sino-foreign equity joint venture or a sino-foreign contractual joint venture, there are a number of steps that must be taken. Total investment is defined as the sum of registered capital and loans. The joint part, though, is where the real problem arises.

Financial terms and investment plans were not disclosed. In a sino-foreign joint venture, the Chinese company usually brings the labour, land use rights and factory buildings, while the foreign company delivers the necessary technology and key equipment, as well as the capital.

There are different ways to repatriate profits from China in a cost effective way. As mentioned before the specific business scope has to be stated. Click here to learn more about this option. The capital in form of technology and equipment needs to be approved by the government.

Ecovis can help your company with all the steps above. Geographically, areas attracting foreign investment have spread inwards, from the coastal and Yangtze River areas to the interior and western regions of China.

Joint Venture registration in China

Once your business gets on its feet, you can certainly open your own independent company so as not to have to pay an umbrella company for the services described in the list above.

The key is how to understand and analyze the opposition, and how to solve the problem For the most detailed and updated China WFOE register information, please check:There are various ways to enter the Chinese market, the most popular being: 1. WFOE. 2. Joint-Venture. 3. Representative Office.


China Lawyer Tips: How to Set Up Joint Venture in China

Labor Dispatch. I will do my best to explain to detail how much each of these would cost to set up in China. China's fast-growing consumer class is giving business owners new reasons to set up shop abroad.

10 Steps to Starting a Business in China. A joint venture requires a partnership between a. By Richard Hoffmann, ECOVIS Beijing China. For a long time, setting up a Joint Venture was the only option for foreign investors wishing to enter the Chinese market.

A Joint Venture consists of a Chinese and a foreign investor. China Joint Ventures: The The writer is my friend Randall Lewis, who has headed up Asia legal out of China for both Danone and ConAgra and who truly knows China. Don’t let your partner convince your team that setting up a JV on a 50/50 basis with no mechanism to.

Joint Venture registration in China

China Lawyer Tips: How to Set Up Joint Venture in China Saturday, 16 April When the value of goods purchased is large enough, setting up a dedicated factory in China may be a consideration. Beforeunder the presidency of Mao Tse Tong, China was a country completely closed to the world with a rigid and communist government.

Setting up a joint venture in china
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