Ngo and grassroots effect on victims of sex trafficking essay

This is causing new and virulent strains of the virus to spread.

Fifteen Ways You Can Help Combat Human Trafficking

Estimates of the number of Nepalese girls and young women lured or abducted to India for sexual exploitation each year ranges from 5, to 10, Though now there is a ratio of 1: Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

It undermines the border integrity as millions of people are transported annually across national boundaries under false pretences where officials are corrupted and the state sovereignty is affected. Mohammad Alrefath Introduction and background of the study: The longer victims remain under the control of their traffickers, the more severe and long-lasting are the effects of their trauma.

This evidently confirms that commercial sex workers and victims of human trafficking perceive commercial sex from different perspectives: You have to use all of the means at your disposal to raise awareness about the crime, its nature, causes and damage to victims - Governments, civil society, the press, private companies: The involvement of criminal groups in migration means that smuggling may lead to exploitation and potential instances of trafficking, victimization and the violation of human rights.

Human Trafficking: Solutions Essay Sample

Human trafficking in Nigeria has been combatted through programs set up by local organization such as NAPTIP's Public Enlightenment Unit that partners with Devatop Centre for Africa Developmentand the Italian government that partners with the Nigerian government to lesson the significant rates of human trafficking that occurs in Italy.

Any person involved in their recruitment, transportation, harbouring or receipt has committed a trafficking crime.

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Currently, the Ministry of Home Affairs has been in the lead role of coordinating counter trafficking activities. Finally, rehabilitation services have been provided with the help of CSOs to recovered children to provide them with the capabilities they have been denied.

Using a closed border system would also create jobs in both countries since more border patrol officers and police officers would be needed.

Human trafficking in Nigeria

Here lies an opportunity for NGOs to work closer with the State and to assist in identifying those groups most at risk. The Constitution provides for an obligation for the state to prevent violation of human rights in any form, including human trafficking.

This may be related to increase awareness and concerns about human rights, violence against women, and about the role of commercial sex in human immunodeficiency virus HIV -related epidemics.

Even when government measures primarily target the recruiters and exploiters, trafficked persons are at risk of being considered collaborators in illegal migration rather than as victims of crime. They are even less able to identify what help they might need as a result of the abuse.NGO and Grassroots Effect on Victims of Sex Trafficking.

Most of the victims are normally young girls and women who are kidnapped or even lured and sold to the sex industries, their demand has always been at an increase in this industry.

Trafficking of children

Human Trafficking: Solutions Essay Sample Human Trafficking is a transnational problem. All countries are affected by human trafficking; some countries are where the humans are taken from while other countries are where the humans are taken to for forced labor or sex.

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Essay on The Devastating Effects of Human Trafficking in South Africa. (AFP, 5 December ). Most victims of trafficking are exposed to very unsafe working conditions, and could result in them getting various diseases, like HIV/AIDS. Essay about Nelson Mandela's Effect on South Africa Words | 5 Pages.

Therefore, in order to ensure the best interests of the victims, to bring about effective coordination at the national level and to coordinate preventive strategies, programmes and polices, there is also a need for a national nodal agency to combat trafficking.

Impact of Human Trafficking on Victims Given the underground nature of trafficking, the consequences of trafficking are hidden and difficult to see. Trafficked persons often do not have unlimited access to basic necessities such as safety, food, sleep, hygiene, and medical care.

Ngo and grassroots effect on victims of sex trafficking essay
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